The Hidden Moderator Part II – Live Updates on Pilot 2

In a previous post, we reported on a pilot test that is part of our replication project of Förster et al. (2008) as part of ManyLabs 5. In this post we provide the links so that followers of this project can get live updates, as the data come in.

The main goal of the original paper was to show that people, after priming participants with aggression (vs. control) interpret an ambiguous target as more aggressive if they were primed with global primes (inducing assimilation), and less aggressive if primed with local primes (inducing contrast). In a previous replication project, scenarios that were used were not judged as ambiguous by participants. The first pilot’s purpose was to select scenarios that were considered ambiguous within that given context. We were successful in doing so.

The purpose of the second pilot was to test the efficacy of the prime.  In the original project, the authors used a word crossing task to prime aggression (crossing either aggressive or control words; materials available here). The project is still underway and we will update as the data from the individual sites come in (2 3 4 5 out of 9 are included at the time of writing). The plan is to analyze the data in the aggregate (viewable here), but, to ascertain that the pilot is not simply efficacious for one site, but not the other, we will run sequential analyses per site as well (available for the current sites BambergFort LewisKassel, Kozminski, and Presov). Please be advised that from the current dataset no conclusions can be derived yet! (this will be updated once we have data from all sites).