International Conference on Relationships, Attachment, and Technology: Can We Keep Up?

How does our modern life affect our sense of intimacy? This is a question we discussed last year at our NIAS-Lorentz Workshop in Leiden, where a number of people from the academy and from the tech industry got together to brainstorm. One of our visitors from back then, Barry Aarnoudse, will again organize – together with his wife Jos – their international conference on attachment, neuroscience, and relationships, and the theme of the conference will be – Can we keep up? How does our modern life and our modern technology affect our relationships and our feelings of intimacy we hold towards one another?

This is the fourth time they will organize this enormously successful conference. This enterprise is perhaps one of the most successful bridges from science to application that exists, not only because of the excellent speakers they invite (such as Harry Reis, Margaret Clark, Helen Fischer, Edward Tronick, Jim Coan, and Leo Schillbach), but also for its location (the Efteling!) and Berry and Jos’ incredible hospitality. This conference is highly recommended! To read more about the conference, see the conference’s website.