Hans IJzerman, Ph. D.

Social Thermoregulation

Most of my research focuses on how social relationships are pleisiomorphically organized around processes of body temperature regulation, or, more colloquially stated, how our modern relationships are rooted in our penguin bodies.
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After submission of my manuscripts, I post (nearly) all of them on the Social Science Research Network. You can access them by clicking on the image above.

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Research In Progress

You can follow some of my in progress work by going to my OSF profile page. If you are interested in projects that are ongoing, but not open (yet), please get in touch.

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Popular Science

Are you a non-scientist, and interested in solid, well-written psychological science? Check out the Open Access In-Mind Magazine (available in English, Dutch, Italian, and German). I founded In-Mind in 2006.

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Access my published papers and citations @ Google Scholar.

About Hans' Research and Teaching

Social Psychologist at Université Grenoble Alpes

Here you will find more information about Hans IJzerman's research and teaching, which predominantly focuses on social thermoregulation. For more information browse the page or get in touch.

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